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Individual Pension

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Personal Pension Plan

At CFAL, we have the capabilities and expertise to design a pension that suits you. If you or a family member do not have access to a company funded pension plan or you wish to start your own, CFAL has multiple investment strategies; with investment options that range from conservative to moderate. You have the ability to choose more than one investment strategy and change your investment direction periodically.

This is your personal pension plan, which matures at age 65. The Plan also offers the additional benefit of a personal accidental coverage option, free to you for the first year. You also have the ability to view your account anytime, anywhere, from enrollment services to customized statement that reflects information on all contributions. The initial minimum investment is only $50 and the minimum monthly contribution is set at $50 per month. 


How can you contribute to the Plan?

Sponsored Contributor – Both you and your employer agree to participate and contribute to the Plan.

Voluntary or Self-Employed Contributor – You are the sole contributor to the Plan.



Sign up now by completing these steps:

  1. Review the FAQs to learn more about how it works and what you need to do to apply.
  2. Make your initial contribution deposit to CFAL by online transfer to First Caribbean International Bank, Swift Code: FCIBBSNS FCIB-09706 (Main Branch Account No. 100645566). Checking Account RE: CFAL Blue Marlin Retirement Plan. Please ensure that you reference your name and the plan’s name; Eg: “Jane Doe/Blue Marlin Retirement Plan”.
  3. Click the link below and complete the application form, then upload your required documents and proof of online transfer.
  4. That’s it! Our team will contact you once your application has been processed.

With our 24/7 online account monitoring system, you can track your savings once your application has been processed and your first deposit has been received!


A: There are three categories:
  • Sponsored contributor – you contribute to the plan and your employer agrees to participate and contribute on your behalf.
  • Voluntary contributor – you contribute to the plan, but your employer does not wish to participate.
  • Self-employed contributor – you work for yourself and contribute to the plan.
A: The initial contribution is $50.
A: The more you set aside today, the more you’ll have to retire on. The minimum contribution is $50 per month. If you are a sponsored contributor, 5% of your regular salary earnings but you can increase your personal contribution.
A: Cash contributions are not allowed. Contributions can only be made via online transfer. FCIB-09706(Main Branch_ Account No. 100645566. Checking Account. CFAL Blue Marlin Retirement Plan.


A: There are no penalties associated with missing monthly payments.
A: Please sign up using our website www.cfal.com/individual-pension. You will also need electronic copies of yo u rPassport, NIB card or Driver's License and a current Proof of Address (recent utility bill, bank statement or purple voter's card). Adobe pdf format is preferred. Also, you will need to upload your proof of initial transfer ($50.00) along with your documents.
A: At age 65, you have the options of receiving either a lump sum payment or an annuity schedule with monthly payments as long as you live. The monthly income is entirely based on your investment contributions, the more and longer you save, the greater your income at retirement.
A: Generally no, otherwise most of us would just continue a pattern of saving, spending, and borrowing, leaving very little for retirement. However, in cases of emergency your case will be referred to the Trustee, who will make the final decision.
A: A key feature of this unique plan is its portability- no stops and starts. When you retire any contributions made by you and your employer will be there.
A: When you enroll, CFAL will provide you with an enrollment confirmation. You will also receive a statement once a year, showing the balance of your retirement investment.
A: In such event, the total value of your account will be paid in a lump sum to your designated beneficiary(s).
A: Should you have any questions you may contact:

Arlene Hercules

Ph: (242) 502.7079

Fx: (242) 356.3677

Email: ahercules@cfal.com or info@cfal.com