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CFAL Partners with St. Andrew's Prefects to Donate Tablets to Columbus Primary

CFAL Partners with St. Andrew's Prefects to Donate Tablets to Columbus Primary

December 07, 2020

On December 4, 2020, Colina Financial Advisors Ltd. (CFAL) donated 12 tablets to students at Columbus Primary School. The tablets were a part of a group of 29 devices collected by the prefects of St. Andrew’s School (St. Andrew’s) to assist students in-need with obtaining devices to prevent them from falling behind in their studies. This “continuous learning” drive was the brainchild of Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson, Head Girl at St. Andrew’s.

Miss Thompson explained how she came up with the idea. “I’ve always had a knack for baking, and during the quarantine lockdown period, I started baking a lot and decided to sell my products. Every day I was getting a new order and I was literally in the kitchen all day, every day, for weeks. As the summer ended, I wanted to slow down with baking so that I could focus on getting back to school, and in the extra time that I had to think between baking and school, I realized, wow, God really blessed me this summer to have business every day despite the pandemic. It made me think – how can I use what God has blessed me with to help others?”

Miss Thompson continued, “My Mom used to be a teacher and I’ve always had a soft spot for kids and their education. We connected with the administrators at Columbus Primary through a family friend, and I was able to donate four tablets to the school from my summer earnings. I realized that the need for more devices was still substantial, so I took the idea to help to the prefects at my school. We decided to take this on as a Prefect Initiative and find independent sponsors to donate more of them.” Miss Thompson spearheaded the initiative with the support of Julia Raine, Senior Prefect. “CFAL donated twelve tablets and we received the other 17 from generous private donors,” she confirmed.

Mrs. Clara Newbold, Vice Principal at Columbus Primary School, thanked Zaylie-Elizabeth, her fellow students, and CFAL and the other donors for the tablets at a small presentation ceremony. “On behalf of Principal Jacqueline Sands, our entire team, and the parents and students in whose hands we will place these devices, we are so appreciative of the fact that you thought about us at Columbus Primary and decided to bring them here. We want to say thank you to CFAL and all the donors and especially to the Prefect Body at St. Andrew’s for making this happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This donation will go so far in helping us to ensure that no child is left behind.”


Photo caption: St. Andrews School prefects and teachers present 29 tablets to administrators of Columbus Primary School. Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Nivia Bodie, Director of Admissions, St. Andrew’s School; Julia Raine, Senior Prefect, St. Andrew’s School; Mrs. Dawn Whylly, Senior Mistress, Columbus Primary School; Mrs. Clara Newbold, Vice Principal, Columbus Primary School; Ms. Shendryka Miller, Guidance Counselor, Columbus Primary School; Ms. Brittany Turnquest, Guidance Counselor, Columbus Primary School; Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson, Head Girl, St. Andrew’s School; Amadeo Cartwright, Head Boy, St. Andrew’s School; and Mrs. Janice Gaitor, Director of Student Leadership.