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Investment Management

Diligence, Discipline and Integrity to Deliver Consistent Returns

CFAL offers institutional equity, fixed income and balanced management services. Our experienced and knowledgeable investment team is committed to providing institutions with superior returns utilizing our time proven principles of investing. We are also able to design an appropriate mix of fixed income and equity securities that provides a portfolio consistent with the risk and return objectives of each institutional client.

Our Investment Philosophy
At CFAL, we have implemented a “top down” approach to our Investment Management Services. Our philosophy is based on conservative, time proven standards of fundamental investing. We continually strive to deliver a consistent return for the level of risk assumed. Our core values have always included diligence, discipline and integrity and have helped to guide our investment practices.

Our Equities Investment Strategy
The market can be extremely volatile at times, and selecting stocks based on sound investment principles can help minimize risk and add more value to your portfolio. In this regard, our investment professionals conduct extensive in-house equity securities analysis prior to any stock acquisition. Companies are considered based on comprehensive review of the following:

  • Company’s economic viability (we review and examine all financial reports)
  • Sustainable future growth
  • Management Capabilities
  • Strong core competencies

Our Fixed Income Investment Strategy
Our primary objective in managing fixed-income portfolios (bonds and money market funds) is to minimize risk while participating fully in rising markets. We believe this is best accomplished through the use of active portfolio management reinforced with extensive in-house fixed income securities analysis. Our bond portfolios are managed for return on principal as well as return of principal and our money market funds are managed for maximum safety and stability of your principal.

At CFAL, we believe that enhancing and protecting our clients assets is the most important aspect of our job. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial security. All of our funds and managed portfolios are designed to achieve specific objectives founded on sound investment principles that reflect current market conditions.

Ongoing Support Services
The team at CFAL is committed to the success of your financial goals. As such, we provide ongoing consulting and advisory services that further your understanding of sound financial practices. Services that you can expect to see include:

  • Workshops and training programs
  • Newsletters, and economic updates
  • Specialized subscription services
  • Special financial advisories and alerts

CFAL, Third Floor, 308 East Bay Street, P.O.Box: CB 12407, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas. Tel: 242-502-7010