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Group Retirement Pension Consulting

Committed to Your Successful Retirement

In today’s increasingly competitive workplace, companies need to offer the best benefits in order to attract and keep the most qualified employees on their team.

Deciding on the best retirement plan can make a difference in attracting and retaining the team that gives you an edge. Our experienced team at CFAL works one-on-one with employers and human resource managers to identify their employee’s needs and help design a tailored group retirement plan.

CFAL provides extensive pension consultation for both groups and individuals. Our pension consultants serve your retirement plan's management team and assist in the development of tailored investment policies.


  • CFAL offers a wide selection of investment options that can be tailored to your organizations specific requirements, including Guaranteed investment Contract, (GIC’s) and or developing strategies specific to each employee investment profile.
  • Once a specific investment policy is engaged, the Pension team at CFAL can assist in drafting Plan documents and established acceptable investment parameters.

We also provide Investment and Pension Administration Services including:

  • Detailed individual and plan contribution data
  • Consultative data on projects, which the Plan may be contemplating: Monthly portfolio report with
  • Quarterly performance report
  • Quarterly economic and investment review
  • Quarterly member and total contributions statements

Ongoing Support Services
The Pension Team at CFAL are committed to the success of your Retirement Plan and as such on going assistance and communication is provided throughout the duration of the Plan in the areas of:

  • Employee education – whether it relates to the Plan or individual financial planning
  • Workshops and seminars are also provided as part of the service package
  • Newsletters, economic updates etc.

If you would like to design and implement a Retirement Plan for your company, please contact the Financial experts at CFAL today.


CFAL, Third Floor, 308 East Bay Street, P.O.Box: CB 12407, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas. Tel: 242-502-7010