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Savings Express

Making Saving Simple & Easy

Is savings a priority for you…or an afterthought?
If you believe that savings is what’s left over after you’ve taken care of bills, entertainment and personal grooming, chances are, there won’t be anything left over to save. But saving for the future is possible, even if you feel you don’t have much money to set aside.

Express it!
Savings Express from CFAL is an easy way to set up your automatic savings plan. Direct deposit convenience allows you to have part of your paycheck directly deposited into your CFAL Savings Express account. Low initial startup and small monthly injections help you maintain a steady savings rhythm. And, because it’s deposited automatically, you ensure that you pay yourself first. That’s one of the key rules of saving.

Plan details

- Low initial contribution of $100

- Minimum monthly contribution of $25 per month


A plan to help you get serious about saving
If you need help sticking to your savings plan, Savings Express offers built in support to help you avoid early or excessive withdrawals that can derail your savings plan.

Commit to uninterrupted savings. Maximum of 2 withdrawals per year after the first two years. Withdrawals not to exceed 10% of plan asset value. Early withdrawal fee of 2.5% of cash withdrawal amount applied.


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